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Bitcoin, Libra und digitale Zentralbankwährungen - ein Geldsystem der Zukunft? SpringerLink.
Bitcoin hat sich bislang nicht zu einem weit verbreiteten Zahlungsmittel entwickelt, unter anderem wegen der erheblichen Preisvolatilität. Im Gegensatz dazu soll Libra ein eher konventionelles Zahlungsmittel mit engen Beziehungen zum bestehenden Bankensektor werden, was viele Fragen zur Geld- und Finanzstabilität aufwirft.
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The photo shows the libra logo on the display of a mobile phone and coins of the crypto currencies Bitcoin. Silhouettes are seen beneath a sign of Libra, the cryptocurrency project launched by Facebook during a conference at marketing and communication.
Libra cryptocurrency: Latest News Videos, Photos about Libra cryptocurrency The Economic Times Page 1.
Libra was relaunched in slimmed-down form after regulators and central banks across the world raised concerns it could upset financial stability and erode mainstream power over money. 27 Nov, 2020, 07.02 PM IST. Facebook announces global cryptocurrency Libra, to launch in 2020.
How Libra, Facebooks Cryptocurrency, Would Work for You The New York Times.
A team at Facebook created the Libra project, and the company has added the partners, including many other big technology companies, to help oversee a Swiss nonprofit that will be responsible for the final design of Libra and for putting the system in place.
Youngest bitcoin millionaire unveils Facebook Libra killer The Independent The Independent.
Join thought-provoking conversations, follow other Independent readers and see their replies. 1 /2 Youngest bitcoin millionaire plans to kill Facebook's' Libra. Youngest bitcoin millionaire plans to kill Facebook's' Libra. Were going to finally bring crypto to the people in ways that Facebook Libra only wishes they could, Metal investor Erik Finman claims.
Libra co-creator explains, defends Facebooks cryptocurrency MIT Sloan.
While Libra exists entirely in digital form and records transactions on a blockchain like other cryptocurrencies, Libra will be backed by a basket of established global currencies, and these assets will be managed, governed, and controlled by central banks that have a history of low inflation and high independence.
Buyer beware: How Libra differs from Bitcoin.
Unlike Bitcoin, where prices fluctuate dramatically within a few days, Libras value is tied to a basket of international currencies. As users buy Libra with fiat currency, including Canadian dollars, the Libra foundation will take these dollars and invest them in safe securities.
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